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Girl in Bath

A love story set in Belle Époque Paris.

Originally published as an Amazon Kindle Worlds novella, all subsequent rights to this story were returned when Amazon dissolved its program.

This has been edited and included as Part One in the standalone novel May Leave Stars.

Ground Sweet as Sugar

A love story, epic adventure, and mystery set at the turn of the 19th century in Ireland and the West Indies. 

On the morning of June 8th, 2014, I woke up having dreamt of a seventeen-year-old girl—Charlotte Dillon.  This filthy ragamuffin came to me fully formed—brash and funny and so determined.  You could cut yourself on her determination.  There she was in her jail cell, waiting for her life to end.  She needed a way out, and I needed to write her one.  She set me on fire, and I haven't looked back since.

I stopped editing and querying this story in 2016 to write other stories.  Shorter stories.  Better stories.  Learning stories.  But after working with a terrific editor, taking more classes, and applying everything I've learned​ about storytelling and the literary industry, in February 2018, I began an extensive rewrite.  Rewrote 75% of it, in fact.


I plan to publish this as an epic duet.  So stay tuned!

Whimper, Knock, Bang.


A love story and mystery set in speak-easy NY in the 1920's and a moldering LA mansion in the 1930's.  


This is a standalone novel.  


At this time, I plan some extensive edits, but I do plan on publishing it.  So stay tuned!

The California Limited

A love story and mystery set on a train and in LA in the 1930's and 40's.

This was written as an Amazon Kindle Worlds novella. In July 2018, Amazon dissolved its Kindle Worlds program and all subsequent rights to this story reverted to me.

This story is not available at this time to purchase. However, I do plan to make it available in some form at some date. So stay tuned!