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About Catherine

Catherine C. Heywood is the author of the bestselling novellas The California Limited and Girl in Bath.

Hard at work on her next epic historical, in the meantime, she reintroduces her novella, The California Limited.

Catherine C. Heywood is a bestselling author of historical fiction, and a former political communications consultant and speech writer.


Raised in Red Wing, Minnesota, she studied international politics at the University of Edinburgh and has degrees in politics, writing, and communications from the University of St. Thomas and Boston College.


She explored the law and improv before settling on storytelling. Her worst job was scraping year-old tobacco spit off a shoe factory wall.  Her best is doing this.


She lives in Western Wisconsin with her husband and sons. Besides a deep love of history, her interests include architecture and design, fashion and food.


Photo Credit: Jenny Loew


"I love epic history and mystery, intrigue and adventure. I love character-driven stories of overcoming. And I love a good love story to anchor it all. So that’s what I write."

"I've been writing stories and adapting them into plays ever since I can remember. I wrote my first screenplay long before I wrote my first novel. Readers tell me my books feel like movies, and it makes sense. I learned to tell stories by studying screenwriting."

"I was a sickly kid and spent far too much time in hospitals growing up. Books were my salvation. So today I write for the little girl in me who wanted nothing more than to escape those hospitals."

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