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May Leave Stars

A timeless love story set amidst the glamour of the Belle Époque…

Paris, 1889: Amélie Audet toils in a laundry when, only steps away, investors promise the most glittering dance hall the city has ever seen. Determined to secure an audition, she stumbles into a meeting with the alluring owner of the Moulin Rouge and must face her scandalous past.


She would have Paris at her feet.


Jasper Degrailly is enchanted by a painting come to life. He sets out to seduce Amélie with his gilded world and the dark warrens of his mind. Yet he has his own sordid entanglements, and soon the gentleman and the singer must manage the greedy machinations of bohemian and high-society Paris.


He would have her at his.


Caught between competing artists, directors, and dance halls, Amélie struggles to earn the role that could make her a star, while Jasper strives to let go of his tortured past and hold on to his bright future. Eventually, their fates collide, and they find themselves torn between their desperate hearts and their irreconcilable lives.

PLEASE NOTE: This title is available in two editions. The mainstream edition with virtually no explicit content. And the “Writer’s Cut” edition, which contains detailed descriptions of bondage, discipline, consensual power exchange, and sex.

Girl in Bath

ASIN:  B07997DTQ9

She would have Paris at her feet.         

He would have her at his.

Paris, 1889: The Belle Époque, where imaginations are stirred by Eiffel’s Tower, the avant-garde are reshaping the art world, and electric lights are reclaiming the night.  And in Montmartre, new investors have promised the most glittering stage Paris has ever seen.  Only steps away, Amélie Audet, a twenty-four-year-old laundress, is determined to change her drab life.  For she isn’t simply a laundress.

When she meets Jasper Degrailly, an alluring owner of the Moulin Rouge, he can make her a star.  But, in a world where stars are courtesans, he’d rather make her his.  As he seduces her with his gilded world and the dark warrens of his mind, they must manage the machinations of bohemian- and Tout-Paris.  And Amélie finds herself torn between her dreams and her heart.

The California Limited


1935. America struggles in the grip of depression. Yet happy days are here again, they’re told. Booze is back. Breadlines are shorter. Drought-weary farmers have left the dusty Middle West plains for the sweet and dripping golden groves of California.

In Los Angeles, bean fields are turned into boulevards, farm girls into femme fatales, and dreams and names are made and lost overnight.  

Jack O’Drassen is an East Coast Irish prince looking to build a kingdom out of Hollywood’s back lots. But when he meets a beautiful young woman on the train heading west, he falls. Hard.

Minnie is a mystery. A girl with mischief in her eyes and worry on her brow. She has big plans but few words. A bright future and a murky past.

Yet LA is a land of dreams. And dreams are illusions. Even nightmares. Jack’s sanity, his sobriety, even his life is threatened. All to answer one question:

Who is the girl on the train?

Whimper, Knock, Bang.

New York, 1923: Jack and Faye Dillon are the toast of society when they marry.  But as the golden couple plays in the hidden haunts of the Jazz Age, it seems Faye may have a secret.  Nine years later, they live in L.A. and pal around with the glamour set, including America’s “It” couple—Doug Fairbanks, Jr. and Joan Crawford.  Yet they must carefully conceal their estate and marriage, both crumbling under the weight of bitter burdens.


With the arrival of Alex, the alluring and mysterious new maid, the sad façade is disturbed.  Finally Jack has some hope.  But revealing the truth would embroil one of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars in a scandal.  And Jack’s clever wife needs everything to remain exactly as it is.  As frustrations gather and passions mount, the consequences of a desperate act may be devastating.

Ground Sweet as Sugar

One girl's fight for her freedom, her country, and her heart.

Ireland, 1797:  After a century of clarifying oppression, it is a tinderbox.  A rebellion waits on one execution—that of a seventeen-year-old girl.

All Charlotte Dillon wants is to escape her sentence.  When she slips her fate, she discovers her future lies in the hands of James Blair, an Irish planter, who wants nothing more than to carve an empire out of rutted rows of sugarcane.  Far away from Ireland’s turbulent politics.

On the island of St. Croix, James and Charlotte are drawn to each other even as a rebellion an ocean away threatens to tear them apart.  When the fight comes to her, Charlotte finds herself torn between her cause and her heart.

Sweeping from Ireland’s bleeding battlefields to St. Croix’s burning sugarcane fields, Ground Sweet as Sugar is an epic saga of power, punishment, and undying love.

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